Embraer E2. Photo: Roberto Leiro.

MIAMI – As part of its new business appointments, Embraer has announced its global commercial team after Arjan Meijer was appointed as the company’s new Commercial Aviation President and CEO in June.

According to Meijer, these moves are part of a business strategy to better harness and cross-pollinate its global experience. Thus, Embraer seeks to work closely with its customers and partners, taking into consideration the current challenging times.

Regarding the promotions, all team members have been working for the manufacturer for more than 10 years.

Before being President and CEO for commercial unit, Meijer was Chief Commercial Officer.

Embraer Team Appointments

Martyn Holmes, who was Vice President for Europe, Russia and Central Asia, is now Embraer’s Chief Commercial Officer for commercial unit. Holmes has been 8 years at Embraer, and over 20 years of experience in the aviation business.

As Vice President of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Cesar Pereira will lead the role. During his 17-year career at the company, Pereira had senior roles in market intelligence, product development, and sales engineering.

Both the CCO and the VP EMEA will carry out their duties in Amsterdam at Embraer’s EMEA head office, according to the manufacturer’s statement.

Alongside these appointments, Raul Villaron, who was VP EMEA, will now be the new Asia Pacific Vice President. Villaron has been at Embraer for 15 years and will continue his career in Singapore.

As the later position does not include China, Guo Qing remains as the Vice President of China for the commercial unit.

In another promotion, Mark Neely will lead the role of Vice President of The Americas. Thus, Neely will cover both continents of the region. During part of his 10 years at the company, the new VP was based in the US as Regional Vice President of Sales in North America.

Finally, Embraer announced that Simon Newitt will add the Asset management responsibility to his current duties at Embraer. He will now carry out the duty of Vice President, Contracts & Asset Management.

With the retirement of John Slattery as head of company’s commercial unit in June, Embraer announced a major restructuring and integration process in the division.
Picture from Embraer.

Real Opportunities in the E-Jet, E2 Markets

Regarding the current crisis, the new CCO for commercial unit already said the company kept seeing real opportunities in the market for E-Jets and E2 jets.

According to Holmes, both aircraft families are very well positioned to provide airlines with the flexibility and competitive edge during the recovery process post-COVID-19.

As to the E2 family, Holmes also stated that it was the most efficient and environmentally sustainable single-aisle aircraft available.

So far, Embraer has logged more than 1,900 E-Jets orders with 1,600 aircraft already delivered to over 80 customers.

Featured image: Embraer E2. Photo: Embraer