MIAMI – Airbus has unveiled its latest monthly review. The manufacturer totaled 369 aircraft gross orders. After cancelations, Airbus totaled 302 aircraft net orders and 49 deliveries for July.

In July 2019, the company logged orders for 33 commercial jetliners and accomplished 69 deliveries. In 2020, several airlines have canceled and deferred orders due to the COVID-19 crisis.

New results show major losses for Airbus during the first Half-Year ending on June 30. It recorded 298 net commercial aircraft orders and a total of 196 deliveries for H1 2020.

The major deliveries of the month were Airbus A320neo aircraft. Photo: Don-vip fron WikimediaCommons.

Disclosed Numbers

From the 49 deliveries, Air Canada (AC) and Egypt Air (MS) received two A220-300 aircraft. The remaining 47 jetliners are now part of the fleets from Middle East Airlines (ME) and Vistara (UK). The later operation includes the first A321neo for both companies.

Regarding new orders, the company registered four during the month. As a result, Airbus’ backlog remains at 7,539 as of July 31.

By family, these aircraft comprise 524 A220 and 6,125 A320, which include 6,065 A320neo. Additionally, Airbus has 321 A330, including 286 A330neo, 560 A350 XWB, and nine A380.

A320neo family remains as the major orders to be delivered. Photo: Airbus.

Airbus Updated Total Operations

With these new results, the company has thus far achieved a total of 20,406 orders, 12,822 deliveries, and 11,583 aircraft in its fleet.

On the balance sheet, a total of 816 A300/A310 aircraft orders are complete. The A380 family follows with 251 orders, of which 242 Airbus has already delivered.

In contrast, Airbus distributed 2,244 A330/A340/A350 aircraft orders. The major remaining operations rely on the A220/A320 orders. The manufacturer delivered 9,569 from 16,218 A220/A320 orders.

By far, the A220/A320 jetliners are still the more numerous aircraft families in service for the manufacturer.