MIAMI – Renowned specialist cabin interior design firm F/List joins BioForS in playing its part in the ever-growing field of sustainable aviation.

As reported by AIN Online, the business aircraft cabin interior specialist announced that it would join BioFors for the production of bio-based organic materials for aircraft interiors.

Photo: F/List

Who are F/List and BioFors?

F/List, an Austrian family-owned company with facilities located around the world, adds aircraft engineering, certification, and material development expertise to the partnership. “We aim to make aviation more sustainable, bringing green and renewable structural materials into the aircraft cabin,” said F/List director of research and development Patrick Domnanich.

BioForS is a research consortium set up in 2018. The association focuses on replacing conventional aircraft cabin interior items. More than half a dozen specialized high-tech materials companies and research agencies make up the consortium.

Per AIN’s report, BioFors members are investigating the production of bio-based organic sheets for every visible part in aircraft interiors. These so-called organo sheets are fiber composites with better mechanical properties, which now are manufacturing efficiently and simply.

The important this is that cabin interior materials must be resistant to harsh loads and should be as light as possible and fire retardants. Moreover, they have to satisfy design aesthetic parameters and meet the acceptance of high-end clients.

F/List Joins BioFors to develop sustainable material for aircraft cabin interior. Photo: F/List

Organo Sheets

The organo sheets that the consortium is developing favor a specially developed bio-based fire retardant decorative layer that contains real wood veneer. These innovative materials are biodegradable polymer based on vegetable oil. It produced in thin layers that contain flame retardant and natural flax fibers as a matrix.

In addition to the production of raw materials, BioForS also engages in process design. The firm analyses the design of composite materials and the development of effective manufacturing and molding processes to make such materials sustainable.

Featured image: F/List