MIAMI – ATR has obtained funds to launch a Big Data project within the framework ‘France Relance’ (France Relaunch), a French government initiative to rebuild an after-crisis aeronautical industry.

The funds, consisting of US$360m (€300m) to be spent over three years, will be used to develop solutions to treat the amount of data, developed exponentially, relating to the analysis of flight characteristics, fuel consumption, flight data, carbon footprint, and predictive maintenance.

ATR 42-600S STOL Aircraft – Image : ATR Media

Data Value Platform

The ‘Data Value Platform’ will collect and process information to cover both internal needs and the development of existing or new tools for ATR customers in the field of flight and maintenance data analysis.

ATR was thrilled to be part of this selection that will help to continue its digital development, prepare to face the crisis-induced “new normal” and remain competitive and “cutting edge.”

ATR’s 42 and 72, under 90 seats turbofans, are in operation with over 200 airlines, spread in more than 100 countries, and participate to the opening of more than 100 new routes every year.

Article source: ATR Press Release

Featured image: ATR 72-600 F-WWEV. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airwayss