MIAMI – More than 20 engineers from Aerion, the defunct supersonic aircraft developer, have migrated to California-based manufacturer Archer to help it meet its goal of bringing a four-passenger eVTOL aircraft to reality by 2024.

Aerion went bankrupt on May 21 of this year after failing to secure the necessary funds to continue with its ambitions to construct the AS2 business jet and the bigger AS3 airliner. When the firm unexpectedly shuttered its doors, more than 200 jobs were gone.

According to Archer, the new hires will strengthen the company’s capabilities in many technical areas. To name a few: as fly-by-wire controls, flight dynamics, systems engineering, system safety, avionics, power systems, and electromagnetic effects.

When the Aerion unexpectedly shuttered its doors, more than 200 lost their jobs. Photo: Aerion Supersonic

300 Engineers in 2021

As reports, the firm plans to grow its workforce to 300 professionals by the end of 2021. Moreover, It has recruited engineering talent from renowned airframe manufacturers such as Boeing and Gulfstream.

During a Los Angeles presentation on June 10, Archer presented its Maker technology prototype. The firm plans to set up flight testing with the prototype in the fourth quarter of 2021. Also, it will begin testing the bigger production aircraft in 2022.

Archer-eVTOL. Photo: Archer

Fiat Chrysler Collaboration

Archer announced a strategic collaboration with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in January 2021. The carmaker will assist the start-up is preparing to commence production of its eVTOL aircraft.

In addition, the famous car maker provides access to the automaker’s supply chain, sophisticated materials resources, and engineering and design knowledge.

Featured image: Archer recently debuted its Maker eVTOL technology demonstration. Photo: Archer