Airbus A321neo Rollout. | Photo: © Airbus

MIAMI – Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) has won the first A321LR order for two aircraft from Lufthansa Technik, highlighting the market appeal and versatility of the A320neo family.

The aircraft will be multi-role capable and can be equipped for various missions including troop transport, MedEvac role setups (medical evacuation), and will be operated by the German Air Force (Luftwaffe).

Lufthansa Technik has now placed a total order of five Airbus aircraft on behalf of the German Government: three ACJ350-900 and two A321LRs. The A321LRs will be able to seat 163 passengers in a standard configuration.

Their alternate ‘MedEvac’ configuration will be able to hold 6 intensive care patients and up to 12 medium care patients. It’s maximum range was 4,200nm/7,800km or approximately 9.5 flight hours.

“We are thrilled Lufthansa Technik has become the launch customer for the ACJ long-range version of the world’s best-selling A321neo,” said Benoit Defforge, ACJ President.

“The ACJ320 Family features the widest cabin of any single-aisle aircraft in the sky, providing the greatest passenger comfort and intercontinental range. Lufthansa Technik and the German Government have a long-standing relationship with Airbus and we are proud of this new milestone order with us.”

Rendering of Luftwaffe Airbus A321LR. | Artwork: Airbus

ACJ A321LR: A Great Choice for Luftwaffe

The A321LR is a member of the A320neo family that has over 7,400 orders from more than 110 customers. The aircraft offers airlines a 30 percent fuel savings and nearly a 50 percent reduction in noise footprint compared to previous generation competitor aircraft.

The A321LR has a range of 4,000nm/7,400km with 206 passengers, making it an unrivaled long-range route opener for single-aisle transatlantic service.

The aircraft features some of the most spacious cabin of any business jet and is comparable in size to competing large-cabin aircraft. The ACJ320neo family keeps costs low because of lower maintenance and training overheads delivering a similar total cost when combined with fuel, navigation and landing charges.

Approximately 12,000 Airbus aircraft are currently in service worldwide, supported by a globe-spanning network of spare parts and training centers, giving ACJ customers unmatched support in the field.

The reliability that comes with aircraft that are designed to take off and land multiple times a day makes the ACJ320neo family dependable and available when customers need it.

Airbus ACJ320neo taking off. | Photo: © Airbus

More About the ACJ A321LR

Airbus Corporate Jets are part of the world’s most modern aircraft family. It delivers as standard features that either cost more or are unavailable from competitors.

These features include the protection and simplicity of fly-by-wire controls, the benefits of Category 3B autoland, and time and cost-saving centralized maintenance on all systems.

Airbus says around 200 ACJ aircraft are in service around the world and fly to every continent including Antarctica.

Rendering of an Airbus ACJ320neo. | Artwork: © Airbus

ACJ A321LR Capacity

The Airbus A321LR is 146ft long, with a wingspan of 117.5ft and a height of nearly 40ft. The maximum take-off weight is 213,800lbs and it can carry 8700 gallons of fuel.

The A321LR has a huge cargo capacity of 10 pallets which makes it particularly useful for Luftwaffe’s military application.

Featured image. Airbus A321neo Rollout. | Photo: © Airbus