MIAMI – The European aircraft manufacturer is shipping 36 tons of urgently needed health equipment and supplies to New Dehli (DEL), including oxygen production plants, breathing machines, concentrators, and Mobile Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

An Airbus A350 test aircraft has been deployed to deliver the aid from Airbus’ headquarters in Toulouse (TLS) to DEL. Additional equipment was sourced locally, according to an Airbus press release.

The initiative taken by Airbus follows a previous action consisting of providing funds, in coordination with the French Embassy in India, to secure the first lot of the equipment now being delivered to be distributed to help save lives.

With this last intervention, Airbus has supplied a total of two oxygen generator plants, 250 oxygen concentrators, 30 ventilation machines, 100 BPAP breathing machines, and four ICUs on wheels. Airbus is also working closely with the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), which is in charge of handling and deploying the aid.

Airbus 350-900 F-WWCF loading health aid destined to India – Photo : Airbus Media

Comments from Airbus

Remi Maillard, President and Managing Director of Airbus India & South Asia, commented on this action by saying, “Airbus stands behind India in solidarity and service. Our focus is to support not only our employees, customers, and partners but also as many people of India as we can.”

He continued by adding that fighting Covid is a common fight and Airbus’s staff are engaged to “do our best to help in these challenging times, for India and for the world.”

Besides the direct help, the Airbus Foundation is working with Non-Governemental Organizations (NGOs), both Indian and international, to offer support and air transport, including helicopter hours, to distribute aid in rural or remote areas.

Remi Maillard concluded by saying, “The crisis is still unfolding. Its fallout will have to be managed over the coming many months.”

Featured image: Airbus 350-900 F-WWCF Test aircraft used to deliver aid to India. Photo: Daniel Gorun/Airways