MIAMI – Airbus has announced that they have reached Manufacturer Serial Number 10,000 for the A320 family. The A321neo in question goes to Middle East Airlines (ME).

Airways congratulates Airbus for this milestone!

The Airbus A320 Family

The highly successful A320 family started service back in 1988 with the A320. Airbus added four total sizes as time went on. These are the A318, A319, A320, and A321.

These current engine option (ceo) aircraft were quite successful, and in 2010, Airbus announced the new engine option (neo) versions. The neo options upgraded not only the engines, but also added new features to assist in fuel efficiency and reduce costs.

The A320ceo family was competitive with the classic Boeing 737 and the MD-80, as well as the Boeing 737NG and MD-90. The A320neo family and the 737 MAX are the newest competitors.

Featured image: Airbus A320neo CFM First Flight – 9 Feb 2016 – Michael Lindner Phone:+49.1725411578