ABC eGates at Winnipeg International Airport. Photo: Vision-Box.

MIAMI – This September, Winnipeg International Airport (YWG) has introduced Automated Border Control (ABC) eGates to its facilities. The new service features biometric facial clearance for NEXUS Program passengers.

To deploy the innovation, Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) contracted Vision-Box. The company has a major experience providing biometrics seamless travel, automated border management, and electronic identity management solutions.

Therefore, the ABC eGates will not only speed up the border clearance process but will also be a new experience for travelers. According to WAA President and CEO, Barry Rempel, they are one step closer to meeting the goal of seamless, touchless passenger travel.

The GT-11 eGates deliver a smaller footprint than the previous NEXUS kiosks and are part of a redesign phase for a smooth journey from the curb to boarding at YWG.

Arrivals area at Winnipeg International Airport. Photo: JPark99.

The NEXUS Program

Regarding NEXUS, the program expedites border crossings for pre-approved and enrolled Canadian, American, and Mexican citizens. Additionally, some subsequent benefits of the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) facility include the use of reserved lanes.

The process works as follows. When the traveler scans his or her NEXUS member card, his or her face is photographed and matched against the biometric facial information in the traveler’s NEXUS membership profile.

As YWG is the only international airport in the Province of Manitoba, the speed it receives passengers is a key factor for its operations. Last year, the airport recorded almost 5 million passengers.

Terminal at Winnipeg International AIrport. Photo: Winnipeg Airports Authority.

Challenging Installation

Apart from offering a faster check-in process, YWG sets another improvement with the NEXUS program. Its implementation is the first successfully completed remote installation of a border digital identity software.

When the pandemic hit in February 2020, the airport only had the physical installation of the eGates completed. Thus, the challenge was to complete the installation amid the new secured conditions.

Vision-Box and CBSA worked under a close but remote collaboration to achieve the logical setup of the software. After the had successfully tested the system, Vision-Box remotely installed the border processing system.

As a result, “the ability to go live with a remote orchestrated installation is a major accomplishment,” said Vision-Box’s CEO, Miguel Leitmann.

Featured photo: ABC eGates at Winnipeg International Airport. Photo: Vision-Box.