MIAMI – Today, Tampa International Airport (TPA) is set to have around 200 private jets and two special Boeing 777-200s parked at the airport during the Super Bowl. According to a TPA tweet, the post Super Bowl departures push will for a moment make it the busiest airport in the US, “if not the world.”

Yesterday, TPA welcomed the Kansas City Chiefs and Super Bowl Champs to Tampa. Two United Airlines (UA) Boeing 777-200 aircraft carrying team members arrive about 5:00 pm EST at TPA from a snowy Kansas City, Missouri.

Photo: TPA

Super Bowl LV during COVID-19

In contrast to previous Super Bowls, t he team remained in Kansas City for an additional week because of the unusual circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. It makes this game, without the usual pre-Super Bowl media spectacle, a little closer to a regular-season away game.

Needless to say, with 200 jets apart from the regular commercial and cargo operations, TPA Tech Ops and ATC have their work cut out, at least this weekend, which is a nice change of pace during the pandemic.

Featured image: The Chief arriving at TPA. Photo: TPA.