MIAMI – Despite COVID, Milano-Linate Airport (LIN) management continued with the reconstruction of its new terminal that was inaugurated on June 8 in the presence of the Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, along with the Lombardia Region President, Attilio Fontana, and Milan Mayor, Giuseppe Sala.

Notwithstanding a host of serious problems brought forward by the pandemic, LIN continued with the reconstruction of its new terminal, whose extensive works, which followed the exterior renovation carried out in 2018, completely changed the structural, architectural, and functional design of the terminal.

Photo: Milano-Linate Airport

In particular, the overhaul consists of a completely re-designed high ceiling check-in area, the pre-boarding security space, and the duty-free shopping arcade and food court, all comprised in an area of 8000sqmt (86100sqft).

The new terminal, which extends on three levels, has a surface of 10000sqmt (107640sqft) and was built at a cost of US$48m (€40m).

The first part of the terminal, the pre-boarding security check area which was inaugurated in October 2020, was redesigned to reduce stress on departing travelers by applying neuroscience-induced architectural design, a first in a European airport.

Photo: Milano-Linate Airport

This was achieved by choosing warm colors, with wood paneling meant to both make passengers feel welcome and overcome the stress of going thru security controls.

Additionally, the new screening machines do away with the need to separate electronic devices, like laptops, or liquids before checking hand-carried baggage. This is followed by the face recognition boarding system which associates the face scan with the travel documents and boarding pass that has only to be shown when boarding the aircraft.

Comments from Italian Officials

During the inauguration, the Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, pointed out the dramatic situation that the pandemic created in air transportation and stressed: “Air traffic was so compressed as to reach almost zero and this poses for the institutions a need and an obligation to pay attention to the importance that air transport plays.”

He concluded by adding, “Attention is required to support and encourage the recovery of air transport, transport in general, and tourism.”

The Italian President was joined by Milan Mayor, Giuseppe Sala, which acknowledged that “step by step Italy and Milan are recovering and restarting.” While he recognized that the Italian Government’s actions have substantially reduced contagions and deaths he pointed out that “the social devastation produced by the virus is still very deep.”

Comments from SEA Group

Armando Brunini, CEO of the SEA Group, managing the two Milan Airports, commented on the extensive work by saying: “The deep redevelopment work at Linate began in 2019 in the pre-pandemic era. We decided to pursue them and completed them on schedule.”

Michaela Castelli, SEA President, concurred and said: “The decision to keep the Linate site open despite the pandemic was very difficult but we took it with a great sense of responsibility.”

Photo: Milano-Linate Airport

Featured image: Milano-Linate Airport