Terminal design at Western Sydney Airport. Photo: Western Sydney Airport.

MIAMI – Today, Western Sydney Airport (SWZ) announced the three companies shortlisted to build its new passenger terminal. While the name of the winning contractor will be officially released in mid-2021, the construction of the new terminal will start later that year.

Thus, Lendlease CPB Joint Venture, Multiplex Constructions and Watpac Construction are in the race to win the construction contract. All companies have already released their concept designs for the terminal.

With this construction, SWZ seeks to grow as demand will reach 82 million passengers per year in the 2060s. This projection will make it Sydney’s second airport.

The passenger terminal will operate domestic and international services. Photo: Western Sydney Airport.

Design Advantages

A passenger terminal designed from the ground represents a double advantage for the airport, said SWZ CEO, Simon Hickey.

On the one hand, the SWZ team learned from global experiences of airports, passengers, and airlines. They input the gained insights to design a suitable terminal for their airline MOU partners.

On the other hand, sustainability was a key consideration to create a profitable project. In this way, the natural sunlight and air flows will be used to reduce airport energy consumption.

The terminal will include a public plaza, retail, and dining options. Additionally, it will have connections with M12 Motorway and Sydney Metro-SWZ train service.

The earth moves have already started at Badgerys Creek site. Photo: Australian Aviation.

Airport Future Beyond the Pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 impact, the need for SWZ is strong as ever, said Hickey. The airport will not only support jobs for the next decades but also boost the tourism and economy of Sydney for the future.

Hickey added that experts forecasted that global demand for air travel will recover from the pandemic before SWZ opens. The scheduled public opening will be at the end of 2026 when the airport expects to receive up to 11 million annual passengers.

Terminal design at Western Sydney Airport. Photo: Western Sydney Airport.