MIAMI – Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is one of the busiest in the New York/New Jersey region. With people coming and going from all over the world, it can at times be overwhelming to navigate your way through, especially if you’re frantically trying to make your flight.

Planning your departure from Newark airport will help you to avoid confusion and battling crowds of people, whether you’re going away on vacation or are an airline employee. Here are some tips on how you can help yourself have a smooth departure from Newark airport.

Newark airport sunrise looking east. Photo: Wiki Commons

Reserve Parking

First of all, if you’re planning to leave your car at the airport for the duration of your trip, you will need to reserve a parking space. This will save you time and money, and you can choose the parking lot that is best for you.

Look for Newark airport parking options before your departure date to make your life easier.

Newark Airport train station. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Consider the Train

If you don’t drive or would prefer not to leave your car in airport parking, there are other options. From Newark and Penn Street station you can get the train to the Newark Liberty International Airport Station, which provides smooth, fast travel to airline terminals, parking lots, and car rental facilities.

Of course, getting a taxi to the airport is another option, but this can be more expensive, depending on where you’re coming from. This is a quick and cheaper way to get to Newark airport and your terminal if you don’t have a car.

A Video Tour of Newark International Airport (EWR), Terminal C ...
Newark Airport. vieo still: Kenneth Burchfiel

Use Newark Airport’s Flight Tracker

Newark airport offers passengers the opportunity to check the status of their flight by using a flight tracker service. Either using your flight number or an arrival/departure airport you can find out where your flight is (still in the air or grounded).

This will help you determine whether or not there might be delays and better plan your departure.

Newark Airport Wayfinding Signage. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Check How Long it Will Take to Walk to the Gate

It’s easy to think you have all the time in the world and assume that once you’re at the airport it won’t take long to get to where you need to be. However, some airports are very large and it can take a while to walk from security and the departure lounge to your gate for boarding.

On the Newark Airport website, you can check how long it will take you to walk to each gate from the correct departure lounge so you can give yourself plenty of time when your flight is called for boarding.

Newark Airport from above. Photo: Newark Liberty International Airport.

Check Security Wait Times

Finally, yet another great function on the Newark Airport website is being able to check the wait times at the security checkpoints. Sometimes during quieter periods, you might be able to walk through security with ease, but in peak times it can take forever to get through.

Before you leave your home for the airport, check this to see if you need to go sooner rather than later to make sure you make your flight.

Make sure your departure from one of the region’s busiest airports is smooth and use the services Newark Airport provides for a stress-free experience.

Featured image: Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport. Photo: Jared and Corin

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