MIAMI – Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) will start the transition to its new facilities on September 15. The Salt Lake City Department of Airports (SLCDA) is set to close the original airport on the morning of the 15th when the first phase of the new SLC will open to the public.

As part of the transition, Terminals 1 and 2, the International Terminal, and the parking garage will close. Concourses C, F, and G of the original SLC will remain open until October 27 when Concourse B-west at the new airport opens. Additionally, on September 15, the new parking garage, central terminal, and Concourse A-west will open for business.

Construction crew at work expanding the Salt Lake City International Airport in November, 2017. Photo: GoMan195531.

Passenger Transition at SLC

On opening day, passengers with scheduled flights will access SLC via a new roadway. Regarding Utah’s railway system (TRAX), travelers will take a shuttle from the end of the existing TRAX line to the new airport. This will last for at least eight months while the new TRAX line is built out to the new Terminal building.

During the transition, customers who want to use the parking will be encouraged to park in the economy lot. This is given the fact that the original parking garage will remain closed after midnight on September 14.

If a car were parked in the original lot, SLC would move to the new place. To assist travelers in locating their vehicles, SLC will provide a parking attendant. As another change, SLC will reduce the parking charge to $20 daily during the remainder of 2020.

Entry to the Salt Lake City International Airport Terminal 1 from the TRAX Airport station. Photo: An Errant Knight.

Airline Transition at SLC

At the new SLC, Delta Air Lines (DL) will operate the first departing flight to Atlanta (ATL) and the first arriving frequency from Idaho (IDA).

Then, on October 27, Alaska Airlines (AS), American Airlines (AA), Frontier Airlines (F9), JetBlue (B6), Southwest Airlines (WN) and United Airlines (UA) will move into Concourse B-west.

Delta Air Lines aircraft at Salt Lake City International Airport. Photo: Jonas Laurince.

SLC Conditions That Will Not Change

Due to pandemic, the airport limited access to ticketed passengers, employees, or individuals who needed to be at SLC. This condition will remain during and after the transition.

Since the walk from the new terminal to the original SLC will take longer, the airport further encourages passengers to allow extra time. SLCDA has already added a navigational map to the SLC International phone app. The app will also work at the new airport.

Featured photo: Salt Lake City International Airport Terminal fronts at Dawn. Photo: Airways files.