Credit: Vilniaus Oro Uostas

MIAMI – The biggest airport in Lithuania will undergo a design revamp by 2022. Vilnius Oro Uostas (VNO) presented the new project that will take completely change the airport of the capital of Lithuania in the next 2 years.

With an Investment of €25m (US$29.44m), VNO will build a new passenger terminal with 14,400 sq. m.

Vilnius Airport will also see a new reshaping of 34,000 sq. m. of the already built airport entrance facility.

Mitnija is in charge of building the whole of the project at VNO. It is one of the biggest construction companies in the country.

Credit: Vilniaus Oro Uostas

Terminal Expansion at Vilnius Airport

The project will see a new A++ energy efficiency passenger departure terminal module located in the northern part of the airport.

With the construction of the new passenger terminal, the total area of ​​Vilnius Airport terminals will increase by a third. Additionally, passenger capacity will more than double.

This will increase the passengers handled by VNO from the current 900 to 2,400 passengers per hour.

Credit: Vilniaus Oro Uostas
Credit: Vilniaus Oro Uostas

Remodulation Of The Spaces

The new revamp of the Oro Uostas Vilnius will see a new terminal with two floors. On the first floor, passengers will find check-in and restaurant areas.

The second floor will be for security controls and Schengen passenger gates. The building will have the necessary technical spaces – baggage inspection and sorting, engineering systems. 

In addition, the new passenger terminal will have a gallery that connects the old terminal with the new one.

Credit: Vilniaus Oro Uostas

A New Airport For The Expansion Of Lithuanian Economy

The Head of Vilnius Airport, Dainius Čiuplys, says,” We are entering one of the most important phases of this four-year project. 

The project is necessary to increase the capacity of Vilnius Airport. It will help it become even more relevant to adapt to the new reality in the future. A future that is inherent to the implications of the pandemic.

Thus, VNO’s Revamp will make it even more effective to ensure that physical distance between passengers takes place.

Credit: Vilniaus Oro Uostas

New Technology at VNO

This successful implementation requires not only a modern larger space but also technological solutions within it. 

Therefore, the new terminal will see a much more modern infrastructure for passenger comfort. it will have more automated solutions and self-service options.

According to Dainius Čiuplis, the project’s ROI is forecasted for 10-15 years.

Groundwork preparation for the new building should start in the foreseeable future. 

Credit: Vilniaus Oro Uostas

About Lithuanian Airports

The Lithuanian airport network includes three air gates in Vilnius (VNO), Kaunas (KUN), and Palanga (PLQ).

 During 2019, the three airports served 6.5 million passengers and 62,000 flights combined.

With the continuous growth of the Lithuanian economy and the favorable economic policies applied by the Lithuanian Government, Lithuania is one of the fastest-growing states in Europe.

With a yearly growth of 3%, Lithuania continues its path to revamp its economy. Moreover, after Brexit, many companies are looking to base their headquarters in Lithuania.