MIAMI – One of the reasons invoked by Swiss (LX) when reducing services out of Geneva-Cointrin Airport (GVA) was that the airport did not have a COVID-19 testing facility.

The situation has radically changed since February 15 with the opening of a new testing center at GVA.

Photo Geneva Airport – Covid testing facility

New Partners

The Airport entered into a partnership with Sanitrade, part of the M3 group which specializes in various fields including health services, and with the Canton Authorities to open a large COVID-19 testing center located at Terminal 2 (old terminal) of GVA airport.

The new facility performs both PCR and antigen tests generally required by most countries before arrival. The tests are possible on appointment only and results are made available in 15 minutes for antigen test and 24 to 36 hours for PCR test which requires treatment by a biological laboratory.

The facility, which is available to passengers and the general public, is open daily from 4:15 to 19:00 on a seven days basis. Fees charged to travelers range from CHF65 (US$73) for an antigen test to CHF150 (US$168) for a PCR test.

Featured image: Interior of the check-in hall at T1. Photo: Geneva Airport