MIAMI – The Irish government is to introduce COVID-19 testing at airports. The measure is a response to the rise in cases in other countries.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said, “We’re introducing random testing at the airports and an increased public health presence…We’re examining other options as well for further restrictions on non-essential travel.”

The minister added that “the international situation is becoming more volatile.” From what has been happening in Greece, It is indeed a volatile issue.

AerLingus Regional, operated by Stobart Air, ATR72-600 reg. EI-FAT on the takeoff run at Bristol Airport. Photo: Adrian Pingstone

Entry Regulation Issues

.Just 24 hours after Greek authorities issued on August 1 a NOTAM that Wizz Air (W6) flights could not land at Athens airport, W6 announced that after consulting with Greek authorities, the country lifted the ban.

The airline asks passengers to correctly fill the forms and present when boarding.

Ireland’s Minister of State for International and Road Transport and Logistics Hildegarde Naughton added that for people arriving in Ireland, the government will also change the passenger locator form process.

The form is currently paper-based and will transition via the DAA to an online model after authorities develop a call center.

“In relation to following up on passengers who are coming into the country, we’re also looking at the potential for pre flight testing and testing for passengers on arrival,” she said.

Dublin Airport. Photo: Dublin Airport

Further Comments from Ireland’s Transport Authority

Ms. Naughton added, “Also ensuring that we have a viable economy and part of that is ensuring that we have this connectivity, and it’s very important to say that yes, Ireland is having a cautious approach in relation to international travel, but it’s important to understand that the biggest economic risk to Ireland is having a major second wave or a lockdown.

“In order to avoid that we need to ensure that we are adhering to public health advice and also rolling out protocols at our airports.”

According to, Ms. Naughton also said that the government was “acutely aware” of the issues facing the aviation industry. The junior minister said that the government was working hard to ensure the sector remains viable.