MIAMI – As a continuous result of the increased demand for air travel, United Airlines (UA) has started talks with Boeing for 100 new 737 MAX jets. The Chicago-based carrier has intentions to revamp its fleet with more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Both Boeing and Airbus are seeking more aircraft deals, as more and more people are returning to the skies in the US market and airlines want to reduce carbon emissions.

However, according to the most recent manufacturer data, Boeing outperformed Airbus in terms of aircraft orders in May 2021.

Airbus’ results, which revealed only seven aircraft orders, were overshadowed by the results of the American aircraft maker, which revealed a total of 73 aircraft orders. The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft series received the most orders.

United Airlines N47505 Boeing 737-9 MAX | Credits: Sean Brink/Airways

The Boeing 737 MAX Considered as Replacement for the 757

To attract more customers, Boeing has been offering steep discounts on the MAX, as well as reducing down payments and other perks, while global traffic is still mostly down from pre-pandemic levels. United denies having those conversations, but those could be a major boost for Boeing.

The order is an expansion of a March deal that had 25 MAX jets ordered, and it may include a total of 150 737 MAX, as United is looking towards replacing its aging Boeing 757s.

“United has 72 of the 757s, including 21 757-300s, a slightly longer version acquired by Continental Airlines from 2001 through 2004,” a Bloomberg report stated.

The same report also mentioned that UA “has 33 757s in storage, mostly the 757-200 variant,” adding that the airline “flies the 757s to its domestic hubs and Hawaii, along with some trans-Atlantic routes from the East Coast.”

United is also considering the Airbus A321XLR to replace the 757 on those routes.

Featured image: United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX. Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways