MIAMI – Ukraine International Airlines (PS) is offering sightseeing flights over the Chernobyl power plant and the Antonov factory. The flight will depart from and land back at Kyiv Boryspil International Airport (KBP).

Following the example of other airlines, PS is now offering its own version of ‘flights to nowhere’ over Kyiv and towards the Chernobyl power plant site where the infamous nuclear reactor accident occurred in 1986.

Sightseeing passengers will board an Embraer 195 aircraft and fly at an altitude of 900 meters above the Dnipro river. The sightseeing flight will also include the Antonov factory airfield in Gostomel, home of the An-225 Mriya.

Antonov Airlines UR-82060 Antonov An-225 Mriya. Photo: Lorenzo Giacobbo/Airways

A Second Kyiv Sightseeing Flight

The selling of tickets for the special flight of the ‘Flight over Kyiv’ project was completed as of February 15, states the airline in a press release. PS says the demand for the unique flight, scheduled for March 7, met all expectations, as tickets sold out in record time. The carrier also says that it received around a thousand requests for the special flight.

Bogdan Skotnykov, head of the ‘Flight over Kyiv’ Project says that interesting new projects are already being prepared by his team. Taking into account the enormous number of requests and the willingness of PS workers to respond to the expressed interest, the airline decided to open an additional ‘Flight over Kyiv’ flyover on March 13.

Chernobyl power plant. Photo: Ingmar Runge – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

A behind the Scenes Look

Skotnykov states, “Aviation has always been fascinating. For us, this is a sign that everyone missed flights and the sky, just like we do.” He adds that for PS employees, “this is a signal that the ‘behind the scenes’ of aviation is very interesting for our passengers.”

The “tour guides” will be actual PS pilots who will fly in the cabin with passengers on the route and entertain them with their aviation tales. A tour of a PS Boeing 777 on the apron of KBP is also included. There are 100 seats per flight.

Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 777-28E(ER). Photo: Kochan Kleps/Airways

Featured image: Ukraine Intl. Airlines UR-EMB Embraer 190-100STD. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways