MIAMI – Swoop (WO), the Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) arm of Canada’s WestJet Group (WS), has published its new winter schedule and announced a fleet expansion to meet the growing domestic and leisure travel demand.

With the new winter schedule, WO is expanding its domestic services and plans to resume flights to the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean where booking demand is reaching pre-Covid levels. To be able to sustain the new program, WO is expanding its fleet and adding one more, the tenth, Boeing 737-800NG.

Swoop is the first Canadian airline to re-start operations for its entire fleet of nine Boeing 737-800 and is expecting to operate it on domestic services during the summer peak season. During winter WO’s fleet, besides being deployed to offer ULCC domestic flights, will also ensure services to “sun and fun” destinations.

These will include Jamaica’s Montego Bay (MBJ), US Las Vegas (LAS), and Mesa-Phoenix (AZA), along with Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta (PVR); Cancun (CUN), and Mazatlan (MZT).

“We’ve seen a significant increase in demand for travel this summer, most especially in provinces where vaccination and re-opening plans are on track and clearly outlined,” commented WO CEO, Charles Duncan. He added that there would always be a WO flight available for booking for those already dreaming of a sunny vacation.

"Consumer confidence is coming back, and the message is clear, Canadians are ready to start planning that long-overdue trip." Charles Duncan, Swoop CEO Click To Tweet

Details of Swoop’s Winter 2021 schedule and flights currently for sale are below.

Swoop Boeing 737-800 C-FLSF – Photo : Otto Kirchof/Airways

Domestic Routes

Domestic RoutesPeak Season FrequencyDays of WeekService start dates
Toronto – Edmonton14x weekly2x DailyAlready in Service
Toronto – Abbotsford7x weeklyDailyJune 20
Toronto – Halifax7x weeklyDailyJuly 16
Toronto – Kelowna7x weeklyDailyAlready in Service
Toronto – Victoria6x weeklyDaily, except SaturdayJun 24
Hamilton – Edmonton7x weeklyDailyAlready in Service
Hamilton – Abbotsford14x weekly2x DailyAlready in Service
Hamilton – Halifax4x weeklyMon, Thu, Fri, SunJun 24
Hamilton – Winnipeg4x weeklyTue, Thu, Fri, SatAlready in Service
Hamilton – Kelowna6x weeklyDaily, except SaturdayJun 20
Edmonton – Abbotsford14x weekly2x DailyAlready in Service
Edmonton – Winnipeg2x weeklyMon, FriNov 1
Edmonton – Victoria7x weeklyDailyAlready in Service
Winnipeg – Abbotsford7x weeklyDailyAlready in Service
Winnipeg – Kelowna3x weeklyTue, Thu, FriJun 24

Transborder Routes

Transborder RoutesPeak Season FrequencyDays of WeekService start dates
Edmonton – Mesa/Phoenix4x weeklyMon, Wed, Fri, SatSept 17
Edmonton – Las Vegas5x weeklyMon, Tue, Thu, Fri, SunSept 23
Toronto – Mesa/Phoenix2x weeklyTue, ThuNov 2
Winnipeg – Mesa/Phoenic2x weeklyMon, FriNov 1

International Routes

International RoutesPeal Season FrequencyDays of WeekService start dates
Toronto – Puerto Vallarta2x weeklyWed, SunNov 3
Toronto – Cancun4x weeklyMon, Wed, Fri, SunSept 18
Toronto – Montego Bay3x weeklyTue, Thu, SatSept 11
Hamilton – Puerto Vallarta2x weeklyTue, FriOct 5
Hamilton – Cancun3x weeklyMon, Wed, SatOct 2
Hamilton – Montego Bay1x weeklyFridayOct 15
Edmonton – Cancun3x weeklyMon, Wed, SatOct 2
Edmonton – Puerto Vallarta3x weeklyTue, Fri, SatOct 5
Edmonton – Mazatlan2x weeklyWed, SatOct 23
Winnipeg. – Cancun3x weeklyTue, Thu, SunNov 7
Winnipeg – Puerto Vallarta2x weeklyMon, ThuNov 4
Abbotsford – Puerto Vallarta2x weeklyWed, SatNov 4

Featured image: Swoop Boeing 737-800 C-FYBK. Photo: Liam Funnell/Airways

Article source from SWOOP Press Release