MIAMI – This week, Southwest Airlines (WN) did not get the present it was dreaming of for its 50th anniversary: two days in a row of flight disruptions.

It all started on Monday when an unspecified IT glitch prevented WN pilots from receiving weather information. This made WN ground all flights, leaving thousands of passengers stranded and aircraft unable to find parking gates not freed by other flights that failed to take off for the same reason.

Southwest Airlines invoked flight safety as the reason behind the grounding of all its flights after the first IT glitch occurred. The carrier explained that this was done while awaiting the platform to come back. The weather information system used by WN is supplied by a third party.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 N475WN and N945WN. Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways

The Second Glitch

Today, 14 hours ago after WN announced that flights were being resumed, a new IT problem arose, this time affecting the airline’s reservations system, though it is not clear yet if the outage stems from the same reasons as the previous glitch.

Reports coming in also state that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued an order for WN to again stop its operations due to the new IT problem.

A check run on the DownDetector website, shows IT downtime starting on June 15 at 02:44 and up to 08:44 then again down at 18:29 and, as it seems, continuing.

Southwest Airlines downtime on June 15 – Image : DownDetector website

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Featured image: Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 N226WN. Photo: Andrew Henderson/Airways