MIAMI – Southwest Airlines (WN) is facing the same woes as American Airlines (AA) as hundred of WN flights were canceled due to staffing and indirect technical problems.

Southwest has indicated summer storm prevention as the main reason for the cancellation of hundreds of flights on Friday, June 25 along with more than a thousand delays, a situation continuing on Saturday with cancellation and delays continuing to accrue.

But, according to Travel Pulse, the real reasons behind this critical situation, is to be found, like in the case of AA, in the shortage of flight and technical staff, already affected by adverse weather conditions in several main cities served by WN.

Moreover, their deployment seems to be outpaced by the rapidly increasing travel demand requiring more aircraft ready to fly.

Southwest Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8707P. Photo: Andrew Henderson/Airways

Weekend Flight Cancellations

According to USA Today, WN delayed 43% of its Friday flights and 13% on early Saturday. A WN spokesperson indicated that the cancellations were “proactive” and meant to avoid delays and diversions due to adverse weather at destination airports. The same reasons were given for Friday’s cancellations and delays.

Southwest already had a spate of cancellations and delays one week ago when two separate technology issues, related to an IT systems breakdown, compelled the airline to cancel or delay several hundreds of flights.

Featured image: Southwest Boeing 737-800 N8305E. Photo: Andrew Henderson/Airways