Picture from Singapore Airlines.

MIAMI – In April of last year, Boeing announced that its 1000th 787 Dreamliner would be delivered to Singapore Airlines (SQ). There’s however been a delay.

The 1000th Boeing 787 Dreamliner that’s registered PK-CLC made its first flight, before it was delivered to SQ. Still it remains on the ground at Boeing’s factory on the field, yet to be delivered.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of the most modern jets in the world, since its release in 2009. Its greatest feat is the unmatched fuel efficiency. The type has however had many engineering related issues since production. With its advanced technologies and low fuel burn, it is said that with the Dreamliner, Boeing was “too early for its time.”

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Singapore Airline’s Boeing 787-10 Order

Singapore Airlines, the flag carrier airline of Singapore, was founded 73 years ago. The airline operates a fleet of 132 of Boeing and Airbus aircraft from five families, with more to come soon. In 2013 SQ made a pledge to further expand their long-haul flight products. In 2018, it was to launch clients for the aircraft, after delivery.

Travel Radar reported that earlier in 2020, the arrival of the 1000th Boeing 787 was postponed due to COVID-19 and for the past 10 months, the aircraft has been parked on the ground in South Carolina, USA. The delivery date for the type is still uncertain, but will likely be sent over to SQ in the next two years: an indication that the recovery from the pandemic will be a long process for airlines in the coming years.

Featured image source: Singapore Airlines