MIAMI — In a blockbuster order for ATR, Fort Lauderdale based Silver Airways has announced that it has signed a letter of intent to purchase up to 50 ATR-600 series aircraft.

The order is valued at up to $1.1 billion and will begin with an order for 20 ATR-42-600 aircraft. Silver will be able to change the aircraft to the larger ATR-72-600 at a later date.

The deliveries will start rather quickly and begin in Q4 of 2017. In Q4 alone, Silver will take its first four ATR-42-600s. The remaining 16 aircraft from this order will be delivered by Q1 2020.

Silver will use the ATRs to replace its aging fleet of 34 seater Saab 340Bs. The Silver ATR-42-600 will seat 46 passengers in a 2-2 configuration.


“Thanks to our incredibly dedicated and hardworking team, this aircraft acquisition is a monumental leap forward for Silver, our team members, and our passengers, and will allow us to expand our network with greater reach, including further into the Caribbean and the Southeastern United States,” said Jason Bewley, Silver Airways’ President and CFO.

“As the world’s leading regional aircraft, new ATRs will provide Silver’s passengers unparalleled experience and reliability and our pilots the industry’s most advanced cockpit. Silver is honored to partner with ATR as its North American launch customer for these technologically advanced aircraft.”

Christian Scherer, ATR’s Chief Executive Officer declared, “Our thanks and congratulations go to our new customer Silver Airways. Silver’s detailed evaluation vindicates our belief that the ATR42-600 is the obvious aircraft of choice to upgrade older 30-50 seat regional fleets.”

“We are excited that the traveling public in the U.S. will discover that, when they are onboard an ATR -600 series, flying on a modern prop-jet bears no comparison to the regional aircraft of yesteryear – it is as comfortable and affordable as regional flying gets!”

The order comes just weeks after ATR surprised many by having a very successful Paris Air Show.

Cover image by @AviationCOncepts on Instagram and Twitter.