Boeing 737-800BCF

MIAMI – GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) and S7 Cargo, a division of S7 Group, which also includes S7 Airlines, have announced an agreement to acquire two Boeing 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF).

The announcement follows GECAS converting 11 options for 737-800BCF to firm orders.

GCAS’ order book for the 737-800BCF now totals 74 orders, split between 60 firm orders and 14 options.    

Interior of Boeing 737-800 BCF. Photo: Matti Blume.

Significant Upscale

Currently, S7 Cargo handles freight in the hold of its passenger aircraft. The 737BCF sees the airline’s first expansion into the dedicated freight aircraft market.

Ilya Yaroslavtsev, CEO of S7 Cargo, said “The delivery of our first freighters is a significant milestone in S7 Airlines’ cargo operations. The additional capacity will be used on routes with strong demand and the limited capacity of baggage compartments of passenger aircraft.”

“S7 Airlines’ wide route map, our partnership with leading logistics companies, and well-developed agent network enable us to carry payload and mail in a relatively short time and provide efficient aircraft lading. Thanks to the new freighters, we expect to increase the total volume of carried payload and mail by 30%.” said the CEO.

GECAS is Boeing’s launch customer for the 737-800BCF program. GECAS expects the delivery of the aircraft destined for S7 in November 2020 and January 2021.

GCAS Boeing 737-800BCF. Photo: GCAS

Innovative Development

The Boeing 737-800BCF extends the useful life of older passenger aircraft. Additionally, the BCF raises the payload to 23.9 tonnes (52, 800ibs) and extends the range to 2000nmi (3, 750km).  

“We are delighted to support S7 Airlines in the launch of their new dedicated cargo programme,” said Richard Greener, SVP and Manager of GECAS Cargo. “The 737-800NG freighter is renowned for its efficiency and reliability, as well as its lower operational costs and better environmental credentials, making it a strong addition to a combination carrier entering the cargo market.”