Max Taubman

MIAMI – Republic Airways (YX) pilots have voted 1840-171 in favor of an LOA (letter of agreement) that would prevent upcoming furloughs due to reductions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The LOA comes with a set of conditions. Captains who would have faced downgrades, becoming First Officers, are instead having monthly their pay reduced to 45 guaranteed hours along with a limit of 10 working days per bid.

First Officers who would have been facing furloughs will have monthly their pay reduced to 32 guaranteed hours and a limit of 10 working days per bid.

The LOA as it stands would be valid through March 31, 2020.

Republic Airways E170 landing at Miami International Airport Photo: Max Taubman

Turning Tide

As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages airlines globally, many American carriers like YX along with Delta (DL) and United (UA) are facing tough decisions regarding staff furloughs from Flight Attendants to maintenance personnel and gate agents to Pilots.

Republic Airways, which in fact faced bankruptcy in 2016 due partially due to a pilot shortage is a unique position in having to deal with furloughs, one faced by many regional carriers being hit by the pandemic after a period breakneck hiring.

Republic Airways, one of the largest regional carriers in the United States, partners with American Airlines (AA), DL, and UA to operate flights with a fleet of 221 Embraer ERJ170/175 regional jets under the brands of Delta Connection, American Eagle, and United Express.

Featured Image: Republic Airways E170 at Miami International Airport. Photo: Max Taubman