MIAMI – Today, an Omni Air (OY) Boeing 767, N423AX, has been involved in an incident in Bucharest’s Băneasa Airport (BBU). The incident happened a few hours ago, when the plane arrived from Kabul, Afghanistan.

The aircraft was scheduled to refuel at Bucharest’s second airport and then take off for Washington DC.

Photo: anon.

The incident

According to, the type carried 80 passengers who were evacuated on the right side of the aircraft. BBU, together with Constanța and Sofia, is a frequent stopover point for US military charters. According to ADS-B, the aircraft had been to Bucharest earlier today, at 0:42 UTC.

Reports say that the main landing gear on the left was damaged upon landing. According to ASN, the gear collapsed, and the Number 1 engine and wing skid on the runway.

As of 17:00 local time, the plane is still blocking the runway. BBU does not have scheduled flights but is used by General Aviation for maintenance.

N378AX, not the aircraft involved. Photo: Björn Strey

The Aircraft

The aircraft N423AX was ordered by Continental Air Lines (CO) but was not taken up. Its first flight was on January 12th, 1996, making it 24 years old. It was later used by Ansett Australia (AN) and North American Airlines (NA) before joining OY in 2014. The aircraft was not involved in any other incident with CO, AN, nor NA, according to ASN.

Another OY Boeing 767, N441AX, has been in Bucharest since August 20. It was flown into Bucharest from Washington DC and is now standing on the apron. says that it may be used as a replacement plane, but it cannot take off now due to the blocked runway.

This is a developing story. Please check back for further possible updates.

Featured image source: The incident of Omni Air’s Boeing 767, N423AX. Photographed by Antenna 1.