OWG Boeing 737-400. | Photo: © OWG

MIAMI – Nolinor Aviation’s subsidiary OWG will offer streaming entertainment to passengers when it launches its Boeing 737 service to Cuba on November 1.

Bluebox Aviation Systems’ wireless IFE solution, Bluebox Wow, has been selected by the leisure carrier for its fleet. The wifi systems are compact, which means that OWG will forget its Boeing737 expensive retrofit.

OWG will test the service on its routes from Montreal-Trudeau (YUL) and Pearson (YYZ) to Toronto. Bluebox head of marketing Catherine Brown told Runway Girl Network that the carrier will station the Bluebox Wow boxes at both airports.

Bluebox Wow. Photo Courtesy: blueaviation.com

About Bluebox Wow

According to blueboxaviation.com, the box streams a wide range of in-flight entertainment – movies, TV, audio, games, and other digital content such as a moving map – to passenger devices in any aircraft cabin.

Bluebox’s Catherine Brown told the Runway Girl Network that the Bluebox Wow units were battery-operated, adding that “one of the benefits of our solution is that they use a removable battery – so the devices stay on the aircraft and just the battery needs to be swapped out when needed.”

“The user interface will include our ‘Virtual Seat Pocket’ so, in addition to the entertainment content, passengers will be able to access safety information, including COVID-19 safety measures,” divulges Brown. According to Runway Girl Network, the graphical user interface for OWG is currently in development.

OWG Boeing 737-400. | Photo: © OWG

Comments from OWG

“In the current climate, so much focus is rightly on passenger safety on board. But when we announced OWG, I said our goal is to get travelers excited again,” said Marco Prud’Homme, President of OWG and Nolinor Aviation in a statement.

“With Bluebox Wow offering movies and other entertainment, passengers can look forward to their time on board being a relaxing and enjoyable experience.”

The decision by OWG to deliver DRM content app-free is wise. Convincing passengers to download an app before their flight to enjoy entertainment has not worked well for other airlines. As a result, carriers either step away from app-based entertainment or expand with a browser-based passenger version.

Additionally, there are added benefits for OWG, as Bluebox Wow also offers a solution for generating ancillary revenue through paid access to content, advertising, sponsorship, and onboard retail.

Nolinor OWG Boeing 737. Image: OWG

About Nolinor Aviation’s OWG

Back in July, Canadian Nolinor Aviation (N5) announced the launch of the new airline. OWG will transport passengers on regular flights to tropical destinations. The name stands for “Off we go” and its motto is “Travel Better.” The OWG team had been secretly working since 2018 to create a new airline positioned in the tourism market.

Later that same month, OWG announced it would partner with Hola Sun Holidays and its sister company Caribe Sol in Quebec to offers flights to Cuba. Through the partnership, OWG will offer direct flights to the Caribean island starting on November 1, 2020.

Featured image: OWG Boeing 737-400. | Photo: © OWG