MIAMI — Earlier today, Air France (AF) unveiled its new in-flight safety video which replaces the famous and catchy fashion-oriented film that aired in 2015. The new safety video will be available on all long-haul flights starting on March 1, 2021.

With this new release, the French flag carrier has made tremendous progress with an elegant, scenic, and culture-oriented production, carefully crafted by the airline’s new communications agency, Aura by Omnicom.

Together with France’s tourism development agency, Atour France, the video’s director and scriptwriter, Romain Quirot teamed up with Ludovic Bource—a renowned and Academy Award-winner French composer—to bring to life an impeccable representation of the French culture through what they believe is the true essence of Air France.

The Video

The video showcases two AF flight attendants (although one of them is the same French model who led the 2015 video), who elegantly note all the latest regulatory changes that have been released since the former video was produced.

The two protagonists jump from one French landmark to another, ranging from the beautiful Palace of Versailles to Cannes and its stunning Hotel Martinez. It also offers unique views of the vineyards in Provence, typical day-to-day scenes in French restaurants and cafés, museums in Paris, the world-class Opéra Garnier, and of course, a breathtaking ending with the Eiffel Tower.

According to Catherine Villar, SVP Customer Experience at Air France, the airline is “showcasing the best France has to offer in an emotionally engaging way.”

“All our teams here at Air France are ready to welcome our customers and highlight this French lifestyle, which is so dear to us, as soon as they board our flights. We can’t wait to reopen the skies, flight after flight, with safety as our absolute and constant priority,” she added.

An Adequate Replacement

Back in 2015, the airline released one of the catchiest and edgiest safety videos in the commercial aviation arena. Based on what could be considered as a satiric and corky representation of the French culture, Air France was successful in catching its passengers’ attention with smart catchphrases like, wearing your seatbelt “will elegantly highlight your waistline.”

The video was successful enough to last more than six years soaring the world’s skies under the French flag. But with the relentless changes in a post-COVID-19 travel industry, the airline has made the right and adequate changes to invite its passengers to fly with them while showcasing the best that France has to offer.

The 2015 video was produced to be played on the airline’s old long-haul fleet, most of which has already been retired due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The now-retired Boeing 747s, Airbus A330s, A340s, A380s, and some of the oldest Boeing 777s featured dated in-flight entertainment systems (IFE) with squared screens. Now, with the addition of the Boeing 787s, 777-300(ER)s, and Airbus A350s—all equipped with brand-new IFEs—the new video has been purposely produced for these planes.

All together, the French flag carrier has, once again, nailed it with yet another impeccable and highly effective video.

Featured image: Air France