MIAMI – The LATAM Cargo Group announced an increase in its frequencies from Colombia to the US to satisfy its clients’ needs in that market. It also announced the reactivation of its domestic cargo operation in 8 routes, thanks to the air operation reestablishment in the country.

In concrete terms, the LATAM Cargo Group increased its capacity from Bogota by 21%, moving from 14 to 17 weekly freighter frequencies to Miami (MIA). The Group will also reach MIA from Medellin via the five weekly frequencies that the company will retain.

LATAM Cargo provides a total of 22 frequencies, reaffirming its commitment to exporting “the flowers of Colombia to the world.”

Additionally, the Group incorporated Los Angeles (USA) and Mexico City (Mexico) to its cargo network, offering the only stable itinerary between South America and the US West Coast. Furthermore, the LATAM Group flew for the first time to Asia to bring medical supplies back to South America.


Domestic Cargo Capacity Reactivation

According to a LATAM Cargo press release, once the Colombian government gave its approval and reactivated passenger flights, the company began to gradually restore its domestic cargo transport capacity in eight cities across the country.

During the pandemic, the Group maintained its service to supply Leticia and San Andres through cargo-exclusive flights on Airbus 320 passenger planes. In addition, it expanded service coverage with passenger aircraft bellies to Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Cali, Cartagena, Medellin, and Santa Marta as of September 1.

LATAM Cargo B763F N534LA_KMIA NASEDIT. Photo: Wiki Commons

Further Measures amid the Pandemic

Over the past five months and in the midst of the pandemic, LATAM Cargo has changed its route and service to reduce the detrimental impact that belly capacity constraints may have on clients. The organization is also continuously reviewing its service to meet the needs of its customers.

One move was to expand its capacity between Santiago (Chile) and Miami (USA) by using cargo-only freighters and passenger aircraft to provide a robust solution for salmon exporters — one of Chile’s major industries. In addition, the Cargo company improved connectivity between Miami and South America and also announced regular flights between the latter and Europe.

Featured image: LATAM Cargo B763F N534LA. Photo: LATAM Cargo