Miami – LATAM Airlines Group recently revealed a steady comeback in operations as some aviation restrictions are eased across Latin America.

In terms of capacity in ASK (available seat kilometers), LATAM’s passenger operation steadily rose from 5.7% of the 2019 figures in April to 13.9% in August 2020, with more frequencies and routes coming throughout September.

The airline’s cargo operation ran at 73.3% of total capacity in August, exceeding the August 2019 figures of 54.5% thus experiencing growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The slight increase across the operation along with approval for a joint venture with Delta Air Lines (DL) represents an increased international presence for the group.

LATAM Airlines Boeing 767-316ER CC-CXG at MIA Photo: © Max Taubman – @maximumaviation.

Steady Resumption

LATAM Chile (LA) has resumed flight operations to 11 domestic cities in Chile increasing frequencies from 20 to 35 daily flights along with maintaining a small international presence including a weekly Santiago (SCL) to Montevideo (MVD) run, to weekly flights from SCL to Los Angeles (LAX) and New York (JFK), and an addition of 3 weekly flights between SCL and Madrid (MAD).

LATAM Airlines Colombia (4C) has resumed domestic operations to Barranquilla (BAQ), Bucaramanga (BGA), Cali (CLO), Cartagena (CTG), Leticia (LET), Medellín (MDE), Santa Marta (SMR), and San Andrés (ADZ). Colombia has reopened to international flights with 4C yet to announce any resumption in scheduled international service.

LATAM Airlines Brazil (LA) has increased operations from 171 to 243 daily domestic flights reaching 44 destinations in part due to a new codeshare agreement with Azul Brazilian Airlines (AD). International service has steadily resumed with an addition of two weekly Sao Paulo (GRU) to Montevideo (MVD) flights and three weekly GRU-JFK flights.

LATAM Perú (LP) has increased domestic flights to 14 cities from Lima (LIM) in September including Ayacucho (AYP), Cajamarca (CJA), Cusco CUZ, Chiclayo (CIX) , Ilo (ILQ), Iquitos (IQT), Jaén (JAE), Piura (PIU), Pucallpa (PCL), Tacna (TCQ), Talara (TYL), Trujillo (TRU), and Tumbes (TPB). International passenger operations have yet to be allowed by the Peruvian government.

LATAM Ecuador (XL) is operating 30 weekly domestic flights constituting an increase of 50% since August. Destinations include Coca (OCC) , Cuenca (CUE), Guayaquil (GYE), and Manta (MEC) from Quito (UIO) along with Baltra (GPS) and San Cristóbal (SCY) in the Galápagos Islands from GYE.

LATAM Paraguay (PZ) has yet to schedule any resumption of services.

The expansion in operations by the LATAM Airlines Group constitutes a gradual reopening of Latin America to commercial aviation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Featured image: LATAM Cargo Colombia Boeing 767-300F N538LA at MIA Photo: © Max Taubman – @maximumaviation.