MIAMI – South America’s largest airline group, LATAM (LA), must return an additional 23 aircraft to lessors as part of the company’s bankruptcy proceedings. The group filed US bankruptcy protection in late May as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

LATAM has already faced several setbacks on the road to financial recovery. The group was forced to indefinitely cease operations of its Argentinian subsidiary in June, and a US$2.4bn bailout loan was rejected earlier this month.

LATAM Brasil 777-300ER with a special livery. The airline will look to long-haul routes as travel to Europe recovers. PHOTO: Wikimedia

Fleet Reductions

The 23 aircraft to be returned are held by various lessors–including Osprey, BOC, and Tucuquere–according to The aircraft was operated across the entire LA group, which includes subsidiaries in Argentina (now defunct), Brasil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru. The list is broken down by aircraft type, as follows:

  • One Boeing 767-300ER
  • Six Airbus A319
  • 15 Airbus A320
  • One Airbus A320 NEO

The aircraft will be removed from service immediately, and returned to the lessors. A detailed list of the all the aircraft, including registration and lessor (if available) can be found below.

Boeing 763ERCC-CMLLATAM ChileAercap
Airbus A319PR-MYCLATAM BrasilBoc
Airbus A319CC-CPJLATAM ColumbiaOsprey Leasing
Airbus A319CC-CPLLATAM PeruOsprey Leasing
Airbus A319CC-CPOLATAM PeruOsprey Leasing
Airbus A319CC-CQLLATAM PeruOsprey Leasing
Airbus A319PR-MBVLATAM Brasiln/a
Airbus A320PR-MHALATAM BrasilSmbc
Airbus A320CC-BJFLATAM PeruTucuquere
Airbus A320CC-BJELATAM PeruTucuquere
Airbus A320PR-MAPLATAM BrasilCIT Leasing
Airbus A320PR-MBXLATAM BrasilVolito Aviation
Airbus A320PR-MBYLATAM BrasilVolito Aviation
Airbus A320PR-TYHLATAM Brasiln/a
Airbus A320PR-TYGLATAM Brasiln/a
Airbus A320CC-BFQLATAM PeruTucuquere
Airbus A320CC-BFPLATAM PeruTucuquere
Airbus A320CC-BFOLATAM PeruTucuquere
Airbus A320CC-BJDLATAM PeruTucuquere
Airbus A320LV-CQSLATAM Argentinan/a
Airbus A320LV-BRALATAM Argentinan/a
Airbus A320PR-MYBLATAM BrasilDvb Bank
Airbus A320 NEOCC-BHFLATAM Perun/a
Operator and lessor information courtesy of
A LA Airbus A350. The airline group operates mixed fleets of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. PHOTO: Adam Moreira/Wikimedia

An Uncertain Future

LATAM faces an uncertain future on the heels of the rejected bailout. The group is making preparations to annul a contract with the operator of its club VIP lounges, said a source close to Airways.

South America’s largest airline group took a step in the right direction, announcing a new Chief Commerical Officer earlier this month. However, with COVID-19 cases in South America on the rise, LATAM will need to compile a more reasonable financial plan before resubmission before a bankruptcy judge.

Featured Image: LA Airbus A319, similar to some of the aircraft to be returned. PHOTO: Rafael Luiz Canossa/Wikimedia