MIAMI – In a huge PR move last night and today, west-coast “hop on” airline JSX (XE) is asking its customers for their loyalty and help. In a mass email and via Instagram, the airline announced it is “no longer welcome” at John Wayne Airport (SNA). On January 1, 2021, SNA plans to remove XE from service altogether.

JSX has always prided itself on having “hop on” service of flying, requiring passengers arrive at the FBO no more than 20 minutes before departure, with easy security and boarding with first-class amenities in the FBO.

I myself flew XE a year ago from Oakland (OAK) to Burbank (BUR) and thoroughly enjoyed it. JetSuiteX also serves smaller airports on the outskirts of their respective metro areas, adding to their style of easy flying.

This made SNA an easy pick for XE, as the airport services major airlines but is also a GA/corporate jet hotspot, and JSX would use the Atlantic FBO for their operations. The airport services the Orange County area just south of Los Angeles which would complement their north LA operations in Burbank. The airline serves both Oakland and Las Vegas (LAS) from SNA.

The JetSuiteX “Friends 25th Anniversary” livery arriving in Burbank. Photo: Luca Flores

An Email from JSX

Last night, many XE customers including myself received an email from the airline titled “PLEASE READ: We Need Your Help to Keep JSX Flying in Orange County Airport.” Addressed from CEO Alex Wilcox, the email begged the reader to contact the Orange County Board of Supervisors asking to keep JSX at SNA.

The email opened with “This morning I had a very upsetting phone call with an Orange Country California official. He told me that as of January 1, 2021, JSX is no longer welcome at Orange County Airport.” Wilcox did not provide a specific reason for the ban throughout the email.

Wilcox made strong arguments against the airport, writing, “The airport leadership is trying to remove the highest-rated air carrier in North America, which flies the quietest jets at the airport, from Orange County!” SNA has always had strict noise abatement procedures. Wilcox continued “They want to eliminate a safe and socially distanced flying option during a pandemic…And this will result in the loss of hundreds of jobs – many of them in Orange County – that make JSX flights there possible.

Wilcox also showed flexibility, saying, “JSX is happy to remain at our current location or to move to another suitable space at the Orange County Airport…” He pointed out “Our pleas to the airport are falling on deaf ears…In the last two weeks, the airport has welcome Spirit Airlines, but told JSX to leave.”

The Plea to Customers

The email continued “The Orange County Board of Supervisors are the decision makers who need to hear from you (our valuable customers) about your support to keep JSX at Orange County Airport… Please send an email to with the Subject Line ‘Please Keep JSX at John Wayne Airport’ and tell them why you need us to keep flying for you – for work, travel, to keep jobs and economic growth in Orange County, and above all else, to offer the safest and simplest way to fly during this pandemic.

Wilcox finished, “I am grateful for your support of JSX and – with your help – we look forward to serving you at Orange County to current and new destinations for many years to come.” At the bottom of the email, there was a button that when pressed would open up an email compose window addressed to the above email address with the subject line already filled in and in the body, “I am writing in support of keeping JSX at Orange County Airport.”

The email from JetSuiteX CEO Alex Wilcox

Instagram Push

JSX also urged followers on Instagram to follow suit, posting this on Instagram;

The post was captioned “To our valued Customers and Friends, we need your help! @ocgov-SNA Airport wants to end JSX service in Orange County as of 1/1/21. We’ve offered our hop-on jet service for the past 3 years and want to continue welcoming you in SNA. Contact your local representative to tell them you want SNA Airport/@ocgov to allow JSX to continue service.”

“Simply email with the Subject Line: ‘Please Keep JSX at John Wayne Airport’ and tell them why you need us to keep flying for you and copy so we can make sure your voice is heard and counted. Thank you for your support, together we will keep Joyful, Simple travel an option in #OrangeCounty. #KeepJSXatSNA #flyjsx.

The airline also posted several Instagram Stories:

Wether JSX is allowed to continue flying to SNA, it is certain they have utilized every option when it comes to PR help. It is certainly interesting when politics mix with aviation and only time will tell what will happen to JetSuiteX.

Featured image: N261JX JSX ERJ-135 OAK Signature FBO Photo: Luca Flores