MIAMI – JetBlue (B6) and Airbus have signed a contract on Flight Hours Service (FHS), a premiere with an Airbus customer in North America.

Under the contract, B6 is acquiring long-term components maintenance services concerning its fleet of 70 A220 on order, an aircraft type already flying for the airline since April 2021. The FHS maintenance-by-the-hour contract is inclusive of access to Airbus’ pool parts, in place stock management, material services, maintenance, and repairs.

JetBlue Airbus A220-300. Photo: Darryl Sarno/Airways

Comments from Airbus, JetBlue

Dominik Wacht, Head of Airbus Customer Services North America states in a press release that A220 customers benefit from Airbus’s maintenance FHS program. He added that Airbus was proud to have B6 as the first customer for FHS in North America and that Airbus was ready to meet B6 demand for its A220 fleet increase to support resumption of traffic.

Bill Cade, B6 VP Technical Operations, concurred by indicating that the A220 would aid the airline to positively reset its maintenance expenses, which translates to having lower operating costs, and less expenditure on fuel or non-fuel supplies. B6 VP technical operations also added, “Airbus’ FHS solutions help support our long-term financial goals as they relate to the maintenance and support and our ability to offer low-fares and award-winning service.”

Airbus indicated that B6 is the third airline taking advantage of FHS adding that over 150 A220 are being flown by nine airlines on routes in America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, a fact that proves the extreme adaptability of the latest addition to the Airbus family.

The contract in North America shows how Airbus’ FHS is expanding, being already adopted by 11 other airlines, with the aim to help carriers to take advantage of the diminishing effects of the Covid induced crisis.

Featured image: JetBlue’s new A220. Photo: Kochan Kleps