Jet2 Holidays Boeing 757

LONDON – Reports have come in of a Jet2 Holidays (LS) Boeing 757-200 aircraft encountering a birdstrike during climb-out from Manchester Airport (MAN) this afternoon.

Flight EXS051B was a scheduled test flight from Manchester operated by a Boeing 757 registered G-LSAN. It reportedly encountered an engine surge in its number 2 engine.

Jet2 Holidays Airbus A321 Photo: Jet2 Holidays

Details of the Incident

The aircraft took off from Manchester’s Runway 05L at around 2:58 pm on Monday 10 August, when it encountered a bird-strike in its right (number 2) engine.

ATC instructed the aircraft to hold above Manchester whilst it burnt enough fuel to land safely back at MAN.

The aircraft has since landed safely back at the airport. Reports of the incident came in at around 15:00 local time as residents reported “a loud noise” above the airport.

Jet2 Holidays Boeing 757 Photo: Wiki Commons

Statement from Jet2 Holidays

In an initial statement to Travel Radar, LS confirmed that the aircraft was performing a test flight.

In a follow-up statement, the carrier said, “One of our aircraft on a routine test flight followed procedure and returned to Manchester Airport this afternoon after the Crew reported a minor fault.”

“The aircraft landed safely and will be thoroughly checked over, as is standard practice.”

Jet2 Holidays Boeing 757-200 Photo: Wikicommons

Cause of the Incident at MAN

Listeners to local ATC frequency state the Pilots made a ‘Pan Pan’ call and mentioned a right-hand engine surge and fault compressor stall.

The ATC radio enthusiasts believed the right-hand, number 2 engine suffered an engine surge that emitted “loud bangs” and “engine smoke” over Manchester neighborhoods due to a faulty compressor.

Featured image: Jet2 Boeing 757. Photo: Wiki Commons