Israir Airbus A320

MIAMI – Israeli airline Israir (6H) is in the process of obtaining its landing permit to fly to the UAE, according to its Chief Executive Officer Uri Sirkis.

Israir sees in the potential agreement between Israel and UAE an interesting space for developing its business.

Israir Airbus A320. Photo: Wiki Commons.

A New Tourist Destination for Isarelis

Thanks to its 3h 15m flights, 6H aims to connect Dubai (DXB) with Tel-Aviv Ben Gurion (TLV).

This short flight from DXB to TLV makes of Dubai a very Interesting and possible popular destination in the future.

Israir is hoping to transform Dubai as another destination for Israeli tourists like the Greek and Turkish ones.

Israir A320-200N landing in TLV Photo: GLOBE Airline Network

Agreements between UAE and Israel

This historical request by 6H comes after agreements carried out between UAE and Israel.

Both countries started a direct communication link, aiming for a peaceful future relation and business development.

This agreement broker was US President Donald Trump. It is the third Israeli-Arab peace treaty in the Middle East.

The deal is mostly welcomed by the international community. However, it did not receive the same welcome from Turkey, Palestina, and Iran.

Featured image: Israir Airbus A320. Photo: Wiki Commons.