MIAMI – The Indian aviation sector is all set to welcome Prince Air – the first subscription-based airline in the country which allows its members unlimited travel within its network.

Prince Air’s Founder, Sanket Raj Singh said that passengers subscribing to this new model will be able to enjoy a privileged experience, far different from the regular check-ins we have to go through at airports. It will be similar to owning your own private jet, an experience that will make you feel special.

Singh said that passengers will be required to arrive half an hour before the departure time and boarding will be from a separate gate, unlike passengers from other airlines. You can even arrange a car to make a quick exit from the airport.

Photo: Prince Air

Network and Fleet

The airline’s initial plan is to connect New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, while further destinations are yet to be decided. The website even offers an option where customers can request a city to be added to the network.

Major metros of India have seen a great demand in business travel over the past few years and the coronavirus period made it more evident after the country witnessed an abnormal need for private charters as the airlines were temporarily grounded.

As stated by Singh, “Earlier, our plans were to Introduce Bombardier/Embraer Jets. Our monthly subscription cost was between 1.5 Lakh INR to 2 Lakh INR where a member could fly Unlimited to-from New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru on our private jets, but I think in a place like India, we had to think out of the box. Something which has never been done or tried in India before.”

The start-up now plans to use bigger aircraft like the Airbus A320 equipped with an all-business-class featuring 90-100 seats.


According to the airline, a subscription would cost ₹54,500 (US$747) a month, allowing its members to unlimited access within the entire network and with a possibility of bringing up to 4 guests. The airline has reduced the cost of flying private by 85%-95% while offering the same product giving it a competitive edge.

According to Singh, the airline wants to begin operations when it has 10,000 to 12,000 members across Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru. One can apply for membership at

Featured image: Prince Air