UPDATE: On August 2, Wizz Air announced that after consulting with Greek authorities, the ban was lifted. The airline asks passengers to correctly fill the forms and present when boarding.

MIAMI – On August 1, 2020, Greek authorities issued a NOTAM that Wizz Air (W6) flights cannot land at Athens airport. The reason is the carrier’s non-adherence to obligations regarding COVID-19.

Wizz Air’s A321neo HA-LVA approaching Budapest Airport. Photo by Miklós Budai – @aviationmike.hu

The Flight Ban

On August 2 21:00, The Greek Authorities issues the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM). It comes in effect immediately and lasts until August 14. It suspends W6 from operating flights to Athens due to the carrier not following regulations.

According to a previous NOTAM, A2138/20, all operators flying to Athens must check passengers’ Locator Forms before boarding. Not having the PLF results in a denial of entry.

In addition, some passengers are tested upon arrival. The NOTAM does not detail if Wizz Air UK is banned too or not.

Wizz Air’s A321neo HA-LVE is waiting in Athens Airport in Greece this week. Photo by Miklós Budai – @aviationmike.hu

Situation around Athens

The operator has actively been following the set guidelines for safe and smooth operations in and out of Greece. Multiple passengers have been denied boarding for not presenting the PLF.

Upon arrival, the QR code is only checked if tested. This is received on the day of departure, and sometimes, even hours before. However, some airports do not have this equipment available and have to resort to other means.

HA-LXT an A321 of Wizz Air is landing in Budapest Airpot. Photo by Miklós Budai – @aviationmike.hu


This comes as a serious blowback to Wizzair, who, like rest of the airlines around the world, continues to remain affected by the COVID crisis. The airline has already received bumps due to the off and on restrictions, and eagerly awaits stable conditions.

This is a developing story. Please check back for more information