MIAMI – Today, Low Cost Carrier French Bee (BF) has announced plans to commence its first East Coast route, connecting Paris (ORY) to Newark (EWR) in preparation for a rebound in travel this summer. 

The new route is slated to begin on July 15th, just in time for travelers to experience Bastille Day and the City of Lights in Paris. 

Utilizing Airbus A350-900s fitted with 411 seats, French Bee can compete with legacy carriers on the popular New York – Paris route.

French Bee offers passengers a range of low cost options for travel, including basic, which includes a free carry on, smart, offering passengers a checked bag and inflight meal, and finally, premium, the highest tier, including benefits such as premium cabin seat choice, two premium meals and more.

As travel restrictions ease and global vaccination programs continue to excel, airlines have become increasingly optimistic about a strong resurgence of travelers. 

Recently, France changed their COVID travel restrictions to allowing entry to fully vaccinated travelers from the US and UK (with a negative PCR test). 

All tickets purchased for travel through December 31, 2021, are 100% changeable and refundable. Additionally, for all trips beginning before August 31, COVID help is available, and health precautions are strictly enforced at every point of the guest’s travel.

French bee uses the health passport through the TousAntiCovid application. All sanitary and commercial measures already implemented by BF can be found here.

Photo: French Bee

French Bee’s A350s

The flights are to be entirely operated by four Airbus A350s, which are widely regarded as among the world’s most modern and efficient aircraft. This long-haul aircraft has a fuel consumption per passenger of 117 miles per gallon, making it one of the most fuel-efficient on the market.

In June 2019, BF became the first airline in the world to operate completely on Airbus’s newest aircraft, the A350-900 XWB. The Airbus A350 is equipped with the most cutting-edge design and technology available.

The mood lighting, which uses 100 percent LEDs to replicate sunrise and sunset, improves sleep quality and reduces jet lag, while the French bee’s exceptionally silent plane enables tranquil travels that reduce long-haul tiredness.

The A350-900 aircraft includes features like in-cabin pressurization, temperature control, and air quality. The airplane, which has 411 seats, is divided into two classes. Adjustable headrests, USB and electrical ports, headphone jacks, and endless in-flight entertainment on extra-large HD touch displays are standard on all leather seats.

Photo: Tony Bordelais/Airways

Executive’s Comments

Marc Rochet, Chief Executive Officer of French Bee said, “Paris is an attractive and highly sought after destination for U.S. travelers, especially as EU borders have reopened to U.S. residents this summer.” 

He continued, “Thanks to our model and the unrivaled performance of our A350-900 fleet, we are able to offer flights at extremely competitive prices and always in optimal comfort conditions. 

Finally, he commented, “We are ready to meet the competitive challenge of this New York-Paris route.”

Featured Image: Luca Flores/Airways