MIAMI – Due to the EU government’s current travel restrictions, Ryanair (FR) has grounded some of its operations. From October, the airline will cut its capacity by 20%.

To make matters worse, the carrier expects a fall from 50% to 40% in its October capacity. In contrast, it is an optimist about its load factor, which looks forward to maintaining at 70%. The decision is a necessary one, according to the airline.

Due to the multiple changes in EU restrictions and policies introduced at such short notice, the airline recorded major blows to its forward bookings. And the situation for the airline is not getting better.

Recently, COVID-19 cases have increased exponentially in the region. Thus, FR is calling for all EU States to immediately implement a coordinated approach to contain the situation while allowing customers to travel.

Regarding the latter, the airline welcomed the EU Commission’s plan to remove intra-EU travel restrictions. These will now be subjected to the ECDC weekly update on COVID-19 case/positive test trend rates according to country and region.

In September, Ryanair already cut its capacity by 20%. Photo: Ryanair.

Criticizing the Restrictions from the Irish Government

As an affected Irish carrier, FR stated that the government has maintained excessive and defective travel restrictions since July 1. Customers have to take 14-days of quarantine, affecting their itinerary for business or family purposes.

Going one step further, an airline spokesperson accused the government of mismanagement of COVID-19 travel policies and damaging customer confidence.

In fact, the same source unveiled that the company asked Transport Minister, Eamon Ryan for the reason behind the Government restrictions. According to the carrier’s spokesperson, intra-EU air travel was not the problem and defective travel bans were not a solution.

So far, the airline has not made final decisions on its winter schedule (November-March). However, the source said that the carrier could implement further cuts if the current damaging EU trends and approaches continue.

Featured photo: Ryanair Boeing 737-800. Photo: Ryanair.