Ryanair aircraft parked, Photo: Ryanair.

MIAMI – In an internal memo, Ryanair (FR) has warned its staff that its Cork and Shannon airport bases may close during the winter season. This is a possibility if the Irish government fails to adopt the European Union’s (EU) ‘traffic light’ system from October.

The airline has not made a final decision on the possible closures. However, local leaders already have expressed alarm at the potential loss of the bases, according to a report by the Independent.

The carrier also criticized the government’s “disjointed and mismanaged” approach. It added then that this is putting staff jobs at Cork and Shannon at risk.

Ryanair Boeing 737-800. Photo: Ryanair.

Individual Efforts, Over-Time Recovery

The Irish government already expressed its willingness to implement its Green List system for safe travel. Despite this, it postponed the decision to fully adopt the EU’s ‘traffic light’ plan until October 13.

Both the EU bloc airlines in the bloc are trying to apply a single aviation policy across all member states. Airlines from the region have agreed on the EU approach to help the aviation industry recovery.

Basically, the system advises passengers where there are low, medium, and high rates of COVID-19 cases. From this, travelers will have to take the necessary actions in each stage of their journeys or simply not travel at all.

Instead of an integrated framework, EU countries have been adopting their own policy schemes where travelers have to accomplish different criteria. As long as these different approaches continue, the industry recovery will be further delayed.

Featured photo: Ryanair aircraft parked. Photo: Ryanair.