MIAMI – FedEx Corp. (FX) is exercising options to purchase 20 additional new Boeing 767 freighters to meet the surging demand for air cargo.

The company said on its June 24 quarterly earnings call that it intends to grow its already sizeable fleet, though there has been no confirmation from Boeing.

“We are exercising existing options to purchase 20 additional 767Fs, 10 for delivery in fiscal year ’24 and 10 for delivery in fiscal year ’25, as we continue to modernize our fleet and improve service to our customers,” FedEx president and chief operating officer Rajesh Subramaniam said on the call, according to the call transcript.

FedEx N137FE Boeing 767-300F(ER). Photo: Michal Mendyk/Airways

104 Boeing 767 Now in Service

FedEx has 104 of Boeing’s original twin jets in service, with the first one delivered in 2013. The latest, registered N195FE, was delivered to FedEx on June 17, according to the aircraft database of

At the time of the delivery of the 100th Boeing 767 freighter in May, Boeing said in a news release, “The newest addition to their fleet comes at a crucial time with pandemic-related shipments and booming e-commerce keeping freighters on the move worldwide.”

In addition to operating the largest fleet of Boeing 767Fs, FX also has the world’s largest fleet of Boeing 777 freighters.

Featured image: FedEx N277FE Boeing 767-300F (ER) (100th Boeing 767 FedEx sticker). Photo: Nick Sheeder/Airways