MIAMI – Following its recent safety measures, Etihad Airways (EY) has launched MicrobeBARRIER™ face protection for First and Business Class travelers.

Premium passengers will receive a snood style facemask for onboard use. EY health program’s new feature is also reusable, so travelers can keep and use the face protections beyond their journey.

During the last months, the airline has enhanced its safety measures against COVID-19 by implementing PCR testing and other hygiene procedures.

By the end of July, EY established that its travelers at Abu Dhabi must show a negative COVID-19 PCR test result to take flights. 

Enhanced MicrobeBARRIER™ Protection

Thanks to its broad-spectrum antimicrobial fabric treatment, the new face protection proved to have a reduced germ count in its fabric. As it is made from stretchy jersey, it is comfortable breathable.

Thus, the MicrobeBARRIER™ product is reusable, washable, environmentally friendly and easily slipped on and off, according to EY.

The carrier further said that first and business class travelers can use protective wear around the neck as a scarf. Then, when they are closer to other people, they can pull it up to cover their mouth and nose.

Following this type of innovative initiatives, EY maintains passengers’ safety and health. It also seeks to create a healthier and cleaner environment.

EY’s MicrobeBARRIER™ face protection. Photo: Etihad Airways.

Status of Etihad Airways US, Canada Services

While EY restarted some air operations, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi, remains closed for tourism.

As a result, only UAE citizens can travel between UAE and the US and Canada until further notice.

However, EY Account Supervisor, Andrea Holden said that the reopening of the city should happen any day.

During these flights, the airline has been implementing its Etihad Wellness program as part of the airline’s advanced health and hygiene actions.

Featured image: Etihad Airways