MIAMI – Etihad Airways (EY) and Emirates Airlines (EK) have both indicated that their flights are unaffected by the Boeing 777 ban that Japan and the UK Civil Aviation Authorities have applied on overflights of their countries.

Both EY and EK Boeing 777 aircraft are equipped with General Electric engines of the GE90 family. The temporary ban on Pratt & Withney-equipped Boeing triple sevens was applied by the UK and Japan following the incident that occurred to United Airline (UA) flight UA328 between Denver (DEN) and Honolulu (HNL).

The UA Boeing 777 aircraft was equipped with PW4000-112 engines, one of which suffered an uncontained failure and fire minutes after taking off from DEN.

Emirates Boeing 777 | Photo: Fabrizio Spicuglia

Unite Airlines Incident

As a consequence of the engine failure and partial disintegration, debris from the number two engine (right side wing) rained over Broomfield’s northern suburbs without injuries to residents. A large part of the engine inlet landed into a residential garden, also without serious damages.

PW4000-112 engines are mounted on several airlines in the USA, Korea, and Japan. British air carriers are not concerned by the measure, their Boeing 777 being equipped with other types of engines.

Prat & Withney PXW4000-112 Engine – Image : Prat & Withney

Featured image: Etihad Airways A6-ETR Boeing 777-3FX(ER). Photo: Luca Flores/Airways