MIAMI – There are many ways in which an airline may go to recycle old aircraft parts: sell them as used spare parts, send them to scrap factories, or keep them as souvenirs, the latter option not being very realistic.

Etihad Airways (EY) has seemingly found a new way to bring a new life for obsolete aircraft spares, transforming them into art pieces.

Etihad Airways partners with locally based artists to upcycle aircraft parts
Photo Etihad Airways

Artists and Partners

To accomplish the artist task, EY has entered into a partnership with local design artists to find a new life for obsolete and unused aircraft parts that are normally scrapped for metals, plastics, or fabrics.

Etihad Executive Director, Guest Experience, Marketing and Brand, Terry Daly, indicated that “End-of-life parts that were destined for landfill have been repurposed into beautiful art installations by skilled artists who used rare and unwanted aircraft scraps.”

Several reputed Abu Dhabi artists have responded to the initiative and are eager to turn parts into art pieces.

Imagination and artist’s views would then turn seats, windows, pieces of the fuselage, or fabrics into “oeuvres d’art” to be exposed at EY’s Headquarters. This is a new and artistically beautiful way to dispose of scrapped parts.

Featured image: Etihad Airways A380. Photo: Luca Flores/Airways