MIAMI – In an effort to help curb the spread of COVID-19, Etihad Airways (EY) has become the world’s first airline with all its operating pilots and cabin crew vaccinated. Through this, the United Arab Emirates’ national airline strives to give peace of mind to passengers traveling with it.

The Group CEO of Etihad Aviation Group, Tony Douglas, said, “We have proactively made the vaccine available to all our employees not only to help combat the effects of COVID-19 but the next time they fly with us, to make travelers feel safe and reassured”.

Considering it a “milestone,” he went ahead to state that EY is the first airline in the world to require COVID-19 testing before every flight for every passenger and crew member, and now the world’s first airline with 100 percent vaccinated crew on board.

Douglas also mentioned that he had wanted to be vaccinated very early on in an expression of his support for the national vaccination program. It was as well a step taken to encourage all those at EY who were willing to receive the vaccine, to receive it sooner.

Etihad Airways cabin crew wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Photo: Etihad Airways.

Etihad Employees ‘Protected Together’ Initiative

In 2020, Etihad took crucial measures to help the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to employees. The cooperation with the health authorities enabled the airline’s front-line workers to access the UAE’s Emergency Use Program.

Etihad’s ‘Protected Together’ employee vaccination program which was officially launched in January 2021, made the vaccination achievable. The nation’s Choose to Vaccinate campaign is a push for the Protected Together program to help workers take constructive, personal measures to defend themselves against COVID-19.

According to EY, the ‘Protected Together’ program involves virtual talks to connect employees with leading mobile clinics and medical professionals to help further improve employee confidence, so employees can obtain the vaccine at work. This as well aims at accessing easy and transparent vaccine information given to employees.

In its response to the pandemic and in maintaining its workers and travelers secure, the airline’s vaccination program has consolidated EY’s role as an industry leader. The UAE currently has the world’s second-highest vaccination rate.

Featured image: ETIHAD AIRWAYS A6-BLI BOEING 787-9 DREAMLINER. Photo: Miles Aronovitz/Airways