Author: Ton Jochems

LONDON – The weekend saw Emirates (EK) announce plans to operate a one-off Airbus A380 flight to Clark (CRK), Philippines.

This service will take place on August 19, some three days from now. EK2520 will depart Dubai (DXB) at 0240L, before arriving into Clark at 1530L.

The return, EK338, will depart Clark at 1820L, before arriving back into Dubai at 2245L the same day.

The Airbus A380

It is unclear what variation of the A380 will be used by Emirates.

According to SeatGuru, the carrier has three layouts for the aircraft.

In the two-class set-up, it has 58 seats in Business and 557 in Economy.

For the three-class set-up, 14 seats are offered in First Class, followed by 76 in Business and 427 in Economy.

Comments from Emirates

Commenting on this news was Orhan Abbas, Senior VP of Commercial Operations in the Far East, who expressed pride over this flight.

“We are proud to fly our first scheduled A380 service to Clark, in the year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary of serving the Philippines.”

“Emirates has shared a long-standing relationship with the country and our commitment to it and our customers remains stronger than ever.”

“In addition to marking a milestone and making its debut to Clark, the highly-popular Emirates A380 aircraft will accommodate more travellers on the flight, while allowing them to experience its unique features and safety protocols we have put in place to protect our customers and crew.”


Emirates’ relationship with the Philippines spans back 30 years.

This initially started services to the likes of Manila, with the A380 also making its first appearance to the capital back in 2014.

2016 saw the airline inaugurate services to Clark, with the airline announcing last month plans to restart the route.

Under the resumption plans, services will begin again on a six times per week basis.

The route to Clark will operate on a six-weekly basis. Flights between Clark and Dubai will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays as EK2520.

The flight departs Dubai at 02:55 local time and arrives at Clark International Airport at 15:45 local time. EK338 will in turn depart Clark at 17:15 local time and arrives in Dubai at 21:40 local time.

Flights to Clark on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays will operate as EK2572. These will depart Dubai at 04:50 local time and arrive in Clark at 17:40 local time.

On the same days, the return flights to Dubai, operating as EK338, will depart Clark at 19:10 local time to arrive in Dubai at 23:35 local time.

Emirates Airbus A380-861 PHOTO: Emirates.

Further Expansion

On August 20, the carrier will resume its operations to Cebu.

Over the course of August, the airline plans to expand its passenger services to 74 cities globally.

The airline is also advertising DXB in particular, especially with international business & leisure visitor centres becoming re-opened.

Because of the global connectivity offered by EK, all eyes will be on the airline to see how much further it will grow during the pandemic.

Offering unique selling points such as COVID-19 cover during and after travel for a period of up to 31 days, this could speed the rate at which consumer confidence bounces back.

In time, recovery will happen, but it remains clear that the usage of the A380 for Emirates still remains an overall priority.

Featured Image: Emirates Airbus A380-800. Photo Credit: Ton Jochems