LONDON – Today marks ten years since the first Emirates (EK) Airbus A380 landed at Manchester Airport (MAN). September 1, 2010, saw thousands of people turn up to the Runway Visitor Park to see the super-jumbo appear at the airport.

Emirates’ A380 has landed at Manchester 6,439 times in the last ten years, which amounts to 1.7 flights of the type per day on average. EK has flown 2.9 million passengers into Manchester and 2.9 million out of the Northern airport, amounting to 5.8 million passengers handled in total.

Photo: Manchester Airport

Other Numbers

Out of the current fleet of 115 A380, 111 of them have been to MAN, meaning that only four units still need a first visit at the airport.

The airport was keen to note that one particular A380 in the fleet had visited Manchester 205 times, but did not disclose the registration.

That same air-frame had flown 174,000 passengers in and out over the ten year period. Finally, on the famous MAN-Dubai (DXB) route, 72.8 million kilometers have been covered over the last decade. This amounts to traveling to the moon and back 95 times, or halfway to the sun.

Photo: Manchester Airport


On September 1 ten years ago, the super-jumbo arrived into MAN at 1225L in front of 10,000 spectators who were all in awe when the jet came in.

The culmination of a £10m investment from Manchester all began to pay off, and was a big move for Emirates given the increase in seats over the Boeing 777-300ER in the fleet. The success behind this route over five years resulted in the airline using the A380 permanently on the route.

When first introduced, it added 517 more seats per flight, with EK going triple-daily with the aircraft by August 2016. This offered 2,198 seats per week extra on that service.

Photo: Manchester Airport

COVID-19 Changes

Nowadays, EK18 is now being operated by the Boeing 777-300ER and seems to be the only frequency operating during this time. However, as the industry begins to recover again, it is only a period of time before the airline brings the A380 back to the airport.

Destinations such as Clark and Guangzhou have been deployed once again with the A380. Overall, for Manchester Airport, this is a significant achievement for many reasons. It has opened up connections to the wider world indirectly from Ringway and has been a key driver in boosting passenger numbers too.

After the wake of COVID-19, it will be interesting to see when the A380 will come back and if so, whether it will operate on the same thrice-daily basis it had done previously.

Emirates Airbus A380-861 A6-EEY. Photo: Andrea Ongaro

Featured Image: Emirates Airbus A380. Photo Credit: Emirates