MIAMI – Delta Air Lines (DL) has announced the scheduled start date for its new A220-300 aircraft. Operations begin on November 10, 2020.

The A220-300 will start operations at Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC). For the first few weeks of service, the A220-300 will fly from Salt Lake to Austin and Houston, Texas. Additionally, on November 27, the A220-300 will fly from Salt Lake City to San Fransisco.

This However, will not be the first A220 series aircraft in DL’s fleet. The sister aircraft to the A220-300, the A220-100 has been in the carrier’s fleet for just over one year. DL already has 31 A220-100s in its fleet.

Delta A220-100 taxiing. Photo: Luca Flores (@luca_at_lax)

Delta A220-300

Delta’s A220-300 will have a two class configuration with 130 seats. The forward cabin will consist of 12 first class seats in a 2-2 configuration. The rear will have 30 Delta Comfort+ and 88 economy seats in a 2-3 configuration. Additionally, DL has said that every seat will have an outlet and USB power supply, WIFI and personal video screens in all classes.

With the recent retirement of the 737-700, MD-88 and MD-90, DL is upgrading its fleet with more COVID-19 operations friendly aircraft. DL is currently the only operator of the A220 in the US. However, that is set to change as JetBlue (B6) and Breeze Airways both have orders for the A220.

Featured image: Delta Air Lines A220-100. Photo: Luca Flores (@luca_at_lax)