GLASGOW – A Cargolux Airlines (CV) route with the callsign CV7757/CLX38F sent out an emergency Squawk 7700 due to suffering a hydraulic failure an hour before its scheduled arrival time at Prestwick Airport (PIK).

The CV Boeing 747-8R7 was making an overnight trip from Seattle (SEA) to PIK. A Squawk 7700 emergency code was reported at approximately 2:20 PM UTC. The aircraft made a landing at 2:45 PM UTC after circling wide of PIK, according to a FlightRadar24 playback.

Why Was the Emergency Squawk 7700 Code Sent Out?

A Squawk 7700 emergency code is issued by the Flight Crew when there is a general emergency situation requiring urgent attention of air traffic control (ATC).

The Crew reset the transponder to the emergency code of 7700 (squawking 7700) due to the aircraft suffering a hydraulic failure and losing the nose steering. After the aircraft landed at PIK, it was safely stopped and towed to stand. CV has yet to issue a statement on the incident.

Featured Image: Cargolux LX-VCC. PHOTO: 湯小沅 / Wiki Commons.